We tested the PIX; see how it works on BB, C6 Bank


PIX went into operation 100% on Monday (16) after a period of testing with a small portion of users who registered keys on the Central Bank’s platform through their banks or digital wallets. Now that everyone can access the news, I decided to try it out at Banco do Brasil, C6 Bank and PicPay, the three financial platforms that I use most often.

If you have already tested PIX in other apps, I invite you to share in the comments how the experience is with other institutions.

I have the impression that the PIX transactions I made for myself and a friend were completed faster than a card payment

To start testing PIX, I made some transfers for myself between BB, C6 and PicPay. All worth R $ 1.00 simply to check the speed of the system. There was no significant delay that could hinder the tool’s practicality. In fact, I have the impression that the PIX transactions I made for myself and a friend were completed faster than a card payment at a store machine.

In terms of security, the applications of the three financial institutions have apparently safe procedures. When you confirm the recipient’s PIX key, the person’s name appears prominently on the screen, as well as the name of the bank they are using. After confirming the value, it is always necessary to enter a numeric password.

Banco do Brasil and C6 still ask the user to log in to the app with the fingerprint before having access to the PIX. In PicPay, this is not necessary. You simply open the app and you can start the operation. Still, you must confirm a password before each transaction.

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Better user experience

Of the three options I had on hand to make PIX transactions, the most complete and pleasant to use was the C6 Bak. Banco do Brasil’s is quite complete, but it could be more intuitive. PicPay’s is very intuitive and practical, but it lacks features. I explain:

C6 Bank

When opening the C6 app, you need to immediately confirm your biometrics to access the account. Then, you need to drag up until you find the PIX section. Once in this area, you already have shortcuts for “Pay”, “Receive”, “Transfer” and see your “Keys”.

Touching “Pay”, the app already opens the camera, and you can scan the code of a friend or even a store. The “Receive” function is for you to generate a QR code and show someone to pay you. In this option, it is possible to place an amount to be charged or leave it blank for the payer to fill in this information. It is also allowed to edit the key that will be informed in the code, in case you have more than one in C6 and prefer not to inform data such as phone or CPF to strangers at the time of a transaction.


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