We tested Quick Resume with 7 games at once


One of the novelties of the Microsoft console. This is how the system works to suspend various titles and resume them whenever we want.

Xbox Series X brings with it a new feature that is worth knowing: the Quick Resume. It is about the possibility that the machine has to suspend several games at the same time to be able to resume them without having to restart them. This allows us to be playing a single player adventure and jump to another game with which we play with friends in a moment. Or vice versa, stop playing multiplayer to continue with that adventure or JRPG with which we were previously. In the video that heads this piece you can see how the system works with up to seven games on at the same time.

For more than a week we have been working with Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation console. It is a preview version so not all the functions are 100% implemented yet. For example, we have been able to verify the jump from one game to another with up to seven titles, but Microsoft’s idea is that you can have 12 games open in this way. During our tests, some game has given us an error and we have had to start it from scratch, although it has been at specific times waiting, also, to see how the system works once the final software of the platform is ready.

The titles we have tested with Quick Resume are: Control, Assassin’s Creed: Oddyssey, DOOM Eternal, Alien Isolation, Nier Automata, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twitce, and Soul Calibur VI. We also show you how to start a game from scratch that is not in Quick Resume, such as Dark Souls III, which has improved its loading time compared to Xbox One X. You can see how we jump from one game to another in just 5- 10 seconds in the video that heads the news.

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Xbox Series X video first impressions

During the Tavern of Meristation last Wednesday, day 7, we showed Xbox Series X in detail and we were able to talk about different topics. One of them, this Quick Resume, but also others such as loading times, games improved to 4K and 60fps without any patch or Auto HDR that is applied to different games that do not have that feature automatically. We also show and compare the current Series X controller with Elite 2, the premium controller available on Xbox One and will also be compatible on Series X. If you want to retrieve the program, here is the link.

Stay tuned because we will publish more content about Series X on Meristation in the coming days.


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