We tested Hearthstone: Dueling, the fun new game mode!


Today Blizzard announced a series of new features for Hearthstone, its popular free card game inspired by the Warcraft universe. In addition to the new Delírios em Negraluna expansion, one of the biggest highlights of the day was the revelation of Dueling, a totally new way to enjoy your cards on PC, Android or iOS.

This is an unprecedented way that will be totally free for all players, almost like a mix between the deck build that you find in Solo Adventures with all the adrenaline of the battles of the Arenas. At Blizzard’s invitation, we spent an afternoon playing Duel matches, and we really enjoyed what we saw there!

The thrill of building decks and fighting

The general structure is very simple to understand: using a custom deck created from your own collection, you need to face a series of fights until you reach 12 wins or be eliminated with 3 losses. Between each game, you gain access to a Treasure or additional cards that serve to further strengthen your deck.

In our test, we managed to win some matches – and lose many others too – and they were all fun and helped to learn some new tactics that could be put into practice in the following rounds. As we were in a very small group of players, the balance varied widely between games, but that shouldn’t be a problem in the final version.

According to Pat Nagle, the Duel lead designer, when the mode is officially launched, players will always face rivals who are on the same stage of the journey as you. That is, if you are in the first matches of the mode, you will not face someone who has already advanced and strengthened a lot, reaching the most advanced rounds. This, linked to the MMR system, will help to make everything as balanced as possible. Pat explained this system better to us in an exclusive interview.

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