We take a look at West of Dead: Analysis


We take a look at West of Dead, a refreshing action roguelike that fuses several genres and features an interesting story.

West of Dead is one of those indies that has attracted attention since it was announced. It appeared first in June for PC and Xbox One, later it has been coming out on other platforms. The goal is for players to take double weapons to the Wild West and don their cowboy boots for a different roguelike. We take a look at the Switch version of this wild action game.

This video game has been developed by a small team of developers known as Upstream Arcade, and edited by Raw Fury, publisher of independent games such as Atomicrops, Mosaic or Night Call, among others. The great surprise of West of Dead begins when the narration of our character comes from the hand of Ron Perlman, the actor who gave rise to Hellboy, and who undoubtedly makes an excellent dubbing in all his narration.

Death shouldn’t be like this

Purgatory, Wyoming, year 1888. Condemned to live, our protagonist, the late William Mason, descends into a chaotic and turbulent world that takes shape from the memories, culture and beliefs of the souls that traverse it like a wandering spirit . When he wakes up, he realizes that he is not in the right place, with a single memory of a figure in black and without understanding his surroundings, it will be this way when he tries to search for answers, embarking on a chain of events with unimaginable consequences.

And that’s right, West of Dead introduces us to a challenging and quite dark world, where our agility with weapons and strategy will be part of every step we take. With a coverage system we will have to take advantage of each one of them to be able to advance in the game, so be patient, nobody said it was easy to be alive in purgatory. Difficulty is another aspect that a roguelike is important to get right and, unfortunately, West of Dead doesn’t get it right. We start from a neglected canteen, we continue through dark corridors until we reach the different rooms with enemies, but be careful, once we die we will return to the canteen alive again. The first level is fine, we will have a lot of space with few enemies to learn how the game works. But after this, they greet us with a difficulty peak that doesn’t get any easier, since in the second level we will find some enemies that can kill us in a hit or two.


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