We reviewed Adidas High End 4D FWD sneakers: here is our experience


Sportswear giant Adidas has launched its new 4DFWD shoes, developed with the help of advanced technology and science, for sale in our country. So what did this shoe offer us, does it deserve its price? Let’s consider in detail.

Sportswear giant Adidas has recently launched its new sports shoes “4DFWD”, developed with the help of the latest technologies, for sale in our country. Sneakers designed specifically for runners promise a completely new and completely different experience thanks to the midsole.

So, do the Adidas midsole with 4D technology and shoes in general live up to the promises? We answered this question by testing the shoes on ourselves. Let’s look at the impressions of Adidas 4DFWD.

Summing up our Adidas 4DFWD experience:
Very convenient, convenient and lightweight
He really doesn’t have a base.
Flexible shoes
Legs do not sweat even under high loads
The shoe fits the foot tightly, retains its shape and does not expand.
What did Adidas 4DFWD offer us?

Although the Adidas 4DFWD is a shoe designed specifically for runners, it is actually more than ideal for everyday wear. Because shoes offer extremely comfortable and comfortable sensations due to the fact that they fit the foot and do not lose shape.

The shoes allowed us to feel the difference in our running experience as well. The midsole, which he developed together with professors of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the company Carbon Digital Light Synthesis, transferred the feeling of running to another point. The sole was almost imperceptible, maintaining the automatic continuity of the forward movement of the foot. This is exactly what Adidas promised.

Due to its upper fiber structure, it prevents excessive sweating:

The adidas 4DFWD upper mesh structure also ensured that no matter how much effort you put in, no sweat remained in the shoe, and even the foot almost never sweated. Thus, the feeling of discomfort that we usually feel after a while when doing sports with high and regular physical activity, such as running, was absent in the new shoes.

On the other hand, since the shoe midsole is made on a 3D printer, we cannot make an unambiguous conclusion about the service life of the shoe. Although Adidas claims that sneakers have the same service life as other sneakers, of course, this time will vary depending on the frequency of use.

Another point is, of course, shoe design. Although we have said that the shoes are suitable for everyday wear, it of course also depends on the clothes you will be wearing. If you prefer shoes with a futuristic design on your feet, these shoes can go with your outfit. But this design, of course, can be a design that many people do not prefer in everyday life. Of course, recall that the main function of shoes is “running”.

So are shoes worth the money?

Adidas 4DFWD was offered for sale in our country for 4.199 Turkish lira. This price is considered acceptable in the current economic conditions, since the shoes really belong to the semi-professional and professional level. Especially if you regularly run, shoes may suit you.


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