We remember that Celia Lora was guilty of murder


The sensual model was involved in a terrible situation. Celia Lora does not have a clean record with justice. The controversial model has not only been arrested for “disturbing public order” but also faced even more serious charges more than 10 years ago. Here’s the story of when she accidentally killed a pedestrian and was found guilty of wrongful death.

The terrible episode in the life of the former playmate occurred in the month of May 2010 in Mexico City. It was approximately 4:45 in the morning when Alex Lora’s daughter ran over a pedestrian who died hours after entering the hospital. The statements said that the person was cleaning the street when he was run over.

After the accident, the famous woman was silent, however speculation that she had been the culprit ran quickly. It was also said that being the daughter of a famous person, she would go free. The court report claimed that Celia was speeding when she lost control of her Volvo and ended up hitting a wall.

Finally, she was declared responsible for the death of the pedestrian and sentenced to 4 years in prison, however months after being imprisoned she obtained her conditional release after she paid a bail of $ 20,000 pesos and compensation to the family of $ 500,000 pesos.

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