We play Watch Dogs Legion Online and… It has potential


It’s been a while since Watch Dogs Legion came out, on October 29, 2020, we know the third chapter of the franchise. And now in the beginning of 2021, we here at Voxel at the invitation of Ubisoft Brasil, we had the opportunity to play a sample of the game’s Multiplayer that will arrive on March 9 free of charge to everyone who bought the game.

The story takes place after the events of the game, DedSec is huge and is already part of the system. Now, she needs more members to maintain order in London, so her mission in online mode is to recruit a gang, join her friends and do several missions to finish off some remnants of Albion and the Kelley Clan for good. .

The first thing you are going to do in online mode is to recruit some agents, since we cannot use any of those we have in campaign mode, yes if you spent a thousand years recruiting agents so that one day you could use them in online mode, my condolences .

After that, you will be taken to your base where the charismatic and acid Bagley, one of the best AIs in the gaming world, will explain how online works.

The first mission is called “Recognition” in it Connie, known as “Owner” will give you an objective: to invade the New Scotland Yard to collect information about possible recruits and set up our own DedSec cell.

After recruiting your new team, you will be ready to organize a match with your people, and that is where it gets good. To test the online mode, we played on a special server for the press staff. Our partners in crime were the people at IGN, Start and also Adrenaline, what a team! You can only join four people on your team.

We stayed online for a few hours, and checked out some game modes: first the free open world. Basically, you can do everything you do in campaign mode, this is where you select the missions and activities to perform. In addition to daily and weekly challenges that will guarantee money and points of influence for your character.


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