We Finally Heard from Kim Kardashian about Why She Photoshopped True’s Face onto Stormy’s Body in a Viral Disneyland Image


Probably smarter than drawing Goofy’s face on a child’s body.

It seems that when the Kardashians go to Disneyland, disagreements arise. The family went to the park earlier this year and it was quite a big event, but even photos taken in the park a year ago are still being challenged on The Kardashians as fans finally heard Kim explain her explanation of the “photoshop scandal.

Kim Kardashian posted several photos of her trip to Disneyland in the fall of 2021, which immediately made fans scratch their heads. At first glance, these were photos of two Kardashian children, Chicago and Tru, having fun like kids at Disneyland. The problem was that Tru’s face was somehow wrong. It was later confirmed that Kim photoshopped an image that previously included a favorite of another Kardashian child. Kim told about it in the Kardashians Hulu series (via the sixth page). Kim wanted to post a photo, but since the mother of one of the girls didn’t want to show the baby’s face on Instagram, Kim switched. She explained:

I sent it to Kylie for approval, and she replied, “No, I really don’t want any photos of Stormy to be published right now.” I respect that. So, I photoshopped Tru’s face onto Stormy’s body.

Apparently it all comes down to color, as Kim was leaning heavily towards pink on Instagram at the time, and both kids were wearing that color, so she wanted to post it, so she changed her face for that. Although the fact that the photos were photoshopped was quite a big problem at the time, Kim says it’s really “not a scandal” here. And while all this may be strange, it’s hard to get angry about it.

This is the first time we’ve heard Kim Kardashian explain the situation outside of a temporary post on Instagram Stories. However, the fact that Photoshop’s work was legal was confirmed earlier. In April of this year, Khloe and Kim were among the Kardashians who took Tru to Disneyland for her fourth birthday when she was at the park for the first time. Of course, if it was Tru’s first time, then the previous photo had to be faked.

Although the April trip put an end to one controversy, it sparked its own. When most celebrities visit Disney parks, they get VIP treatment. They are accompanied by special high-level actors, and they can skip the queues so that they are not flooded by fans. While this is an understandable precaution, the Kardashians also ended up riding the Mad Tea Party cups alone, to the annoyance of fans who were waiting in line.

Now that both of these disputes about Disneyland are in the past, perhaps the Kardashians will be able to enjoy the happiest place on earth, like everyone else, in the future.

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