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League of Legends, or as it is better known, LoL is a phenomenon, a game that reaches millions of players worldwide, a MOBA that emerged in 2009 inspired by another MOBA derived from a Warcraft 3 Mod called DotA.

It is difficult to explain for certain why LoL’s resounding success, but one thing is certain: there is no gamer on the planet who hasn’t even heard of it in the game. With all this popularity, it was only a matter of time before the Summoner’s Rift, the title’s main battleground, was brought to smartphone screens. I dare say that it even took longer than I imagined, but finally the day came, and we were invited by Riot to test: League of Legends Wild Rift, the little lol that fits in the palm of your hand just before the launch of its open beta in the Americas on March 29.

Well, without further ado, let’s see what our first impressions of League of Legends: Wild Rift were.

What is Wild Rift?

Anyone who knows LoL well will not have too many problems to feel at home with Wild Rift. Just like in its PC version, here a team of five players control characters, called champions with unique abilities and battle against another team also of five players (or bots) with the aim of destroying the nexus across a battlefield made up of three paths, so far, nothing new, right?

But this is not a bad thing, in fact, it is very good! All the mechanics that exist in the PC version are here, lanes duo, jungle, mid, lane bot, the goal is basically the same. Initially, 41 of the more than 150 champions of League of Legends are present. But Riot has already warned that it plans to launch two new champions a month until the roster is complete.

Can only Wild Rift play LoL? By no means, for those starting out in the world of MOBA, the game offers a very complete tutorial with the main mechanics of the game. But that way, those who already know the champions’ powers will already have a slight advantage.

Just like on the PC?

Wild Rift is a version of Lolzinho that everyone loves (or hates), but that does not mean that it is exactly the same as its version for PCs. To adapt to the mobile formula some care was taken, such as balancing heroes and, let’s say, acceleration of matches.

Here your rewards in gold are higher than in the normal version, so you end up managing to complete your build faster and the game ends up being more dynamic.

Another mechanical change is that of dragons. Instead of each team having to defeat four dragons of random elements (which may be the same element), to finally receive the dragon’s soul and from there fight the ancient dragon, in Wild Rift there are only four dragons of elements always different, Regardless of which team defeats the beast, from the fifth dragon onwards all will be elder dragons, also elemental, which give an even more powerful buff than that of the normal dragon.

Our dear Baron Na’shor works much like the PC version. When defeated, he offers the “Hand of the Baron” buff in Wild Rift, there is not much different to talk about him, unless he appears at 10 minutes of play and not at 20. As I said, the battles here are more dynamic.

Obviously we are also going to talk about control, as this is the biggest difference between LoL and Wild Rift. While on the PC everything is extremely simple, just click on the right place is ready, on the touch screen the handling of the heroes can be a little more challenging. It’s all very intuitive, of course, Riot made a point of making everything simple, but it still has its complexities.

To walk you use a virtual analog on the left side of the screen, while to attack and use skills, press buttons that are on the opposite side.

Hand-aiming skills, like the ultimate from Ashe or Jinx, are easy to use, after all, just hold the touch and aim, but others like throwing traps from Jinx or Jhin can be a little more complicated in more tense moments like in the middle of a TF with a lot of things going on the screen. Positioning sentries is also a little more complicated and less accurate than using the mouse, but all of these things are circumvented with practice.

A small problem that can end up occurring is that depending on the size of your smartphone’s screen, you may accidentally slip your finger from the character’s motion control and end up touching the mini map that is at the top left of the interface and then ending up with some play unintentionally.

Speaking of maps, something crazy happens in Wild Rift: Your base will always be in the lower right corner, even if you are from the red team, which can be confusing, since in this case, the duo route becomes the top and not the bot. According to the game’s developers, this was done to make it easier to see enemies and target precision shots

The confusing yet functional targeting system

One point that is very important to highlight is the game’s automatic targeting system. As you can imagine, it is nothing like the PC, after all, there you have a mouse and an arrow, here you have a touch control and your sense of direction.

In Wild Rift there are several targets on the screen for your hero to attack, but how do you define the target you want to attack without a mouse? Well, first let’s understand the basics: the attack button, when you touch it your hero will prioritize the enemy champion in range, if there is more than one enemy champion in your radius, the basic attack will prioritize the one with a lower percentage of life.

You can also tap and drag the attack button to lock your target on a specific enemy, by doing this a yellow crosshair will appear and placing it on top of the champion you want to prioritize, it will lock on him. If you find this very confusing, it is possible to activate in the settings a menu where the portrait of the enemy champions will appear near the attack button, that way to lock the sight on one of them, just touch the photo of the enemy in question.

But there are two other attack buttons that make you turn to other targets, the troop button and the turret button. As the name says, by touching them your attacks will be directed at the troops or at the towers.

The Wild Rift Menus

Leaving the battle issue a little bit, let’s talk about what you will see in the main menu of the game now at the launch of the open Beta. We already have an introductory event called Collegial Wild Rift, where you will find some daily missions that must be done in order to earn heroes, skins, emotes, blue specks (which are used to buy new champions), and many other things.

We also have the normal daily missions that give us “weekly points” that fill a bar at the top of the screen. Upon reaching a certain score, we receive the weekly chest that has some prizes, such as XP, blue specks and pore coins.

The preparation menu is where we can customize our champions using the famous runes. But not only that, here we can also build several builds for the champions and save them, so just load your build during the matches and the items will appear to be purchased automatically without even having to open the store.

Speaking of store… let’s talk about the real money store in the game. It is not much different from the PC store, it sells skins and packages of aesthetic items that have nothing to do with gameplay. The Wild Colors pacodes (name of the paid currency of Wild Rift) ranges from 500 colors for 15.90 to 11,500 colors for 445 reais.

It is worth it?

We are not going to give a rating to Wild Rift for now, there is still LOT of the game to be explored, such as the behavior of the servers, speed to find matches, we are unable to talk about this at the moment, as we only play on servers prepared for this closed test, for that we will wait more to make a complete analysis of these points.

We can not forget that the game is still in Beta, there are champions still unbalanced compared to the PC version, but there is no way to say that Wild Rift is not worth it, even for those who do not have much intimacy with Moba, he can be a great gateway for those who want to know more about this genre. So, download the game and give it a try, after all it is free, you will find here a great option for when you do not have access to Lolzinho do PC.

I hope you enjoyed our first impressions of League of Legends: Wild Rift, of course we will bring much more information about the game and if you want a broadcast to show how bad we are at MOBA! Leave it in the comments, will you play the Beta? What is your favorite champion?


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