We Are Not Selling XRP Because It Will Reach $ 100


Ripple investors are optimistic that XRP will be $ 100 in the future. According to a survey result, a significant percentage of XRP holders said they believe the cryptocurrency will reach $ 100 in the future. Many are planning to sell the coin when it reaches this price.

In recent months, Ripple (XRP), the native cryptocurrency of the Blockchain payment company, has performed better than the stablecoin Tether (USDT), the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap. Additionally, the cryptocurrency has traded below $ 1 in price for a very long time. This even caused Ripple investors and the cryptocurrency to be ridiculed.

Despite the cryptocurrency’s price performance, the most recent survey for the XRP community showed that Ripple investors still have a very “bullish” feel when it comes to crypto.

Hopeful for the $ 100 Level

XRP_Cro, a Ripple investor, conducted the XRP survey. More than 1000 investors from the XRP community participated in the survey. Survey results recently shared by XRP_Cro showed that a significant number of Ripple investors are still very optimistic that the fourth-largest cryptocurrency will eventually surpass $ 100.

To be precise, about 72 percent of Ripple investors surveyed think they will see a $ 100 price of Ripple in the future. According to many, the XRP community may have too much reliance on the cryptocurrency following its price performance in recent years. This trust among the XRP community provides further explanation as to why Ripple investors continue to hold the cryptocurrency.

They’ve been doing Hodl for a long time

According to the result, approximately 94.3 percent of Ripple investors surveyed have held the cryptocurrency for a long time. About 5.7 percent said they were interested in trading cryptocurrencies. Another interesting result of the survey is that people who invest in XRP cryptocurrency do so with the aim of getting rich or making good profits through the digital currency.

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Only 15 percent of people said they are interested in new payment technologies, that is, they use cryptocurrency for payment purposes. Meanwhile, 43 percent of investors said they would completely or partially exit the XRP market if the cryptocurrency manages to hit the $ 100 price level between 2021 and the next five years. However, around 40 percent of investors plan to leave when the cryptocurrency reaches $ 10 or $ 50.


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