WB tried to limit the amount of use of the F word in the Harley Quinn show


According to one of the show’s writers, Warner Animation once tried to limit the frequency of Harley Quinn’s use of the F-word. Harley Quinn is an adult animated series that premiered on November 29, 2019. He was met with critical acclaim for his unique voice, LGBTQ+ image and stellar cast. The series was renewed for a second and third seasons, and the third season of Harley Quinn was scheduled to debut on July 28, 2022.

The series tells the story of DC antihero Harley Quinn (voiced by Big Bang Theory graduate Kaley Cuoco) and her best friend, who became a friend of Poison Ivy, after Harley broke up with her cruel ex-boyfriend Joker. Unlike previous DC animated series, Harley Quinn gives out a distinctly adult tone, in which there is no shortage of swearing, violence, sexual jokes and incredibly mature themes. Since Harley Quinn is broadcast on the HBO Max streaming service and not on cable TV, there is virtually no censorship, which allows the series to be as rude as it wants. This makes the show unique in the DC universe. However, at some point the show was almost considered too vulgar.

In a tweet from Tom Hyndman, one of the writers of Harley Quinn, he says that Warner Bros. I once tried to give the series a “f*ck count” to limit how often the series can drop the F-bomb. Hyndman says that at first the restriction annoyed the writing team, but after watching the pilot episode again, they realized how often this word was actually pronounced during just one episode. Hyndman posted this along with the trailer for the third season of “Harley Quinn”, which has “a bunch of “x*y””. See Hyndman’s post below:

One of the main attractions of Harley Quinn is that the series does something that no other DC or Marvel show does: it’s an animated show strictly for adults. Fans of the comic character Harley Quinn praised the series for allowing Harley to be her authentic, uncompromising personality on the series, unlike other iterations of the character, which were supposed to be much more family friendly. If Hyndman’s post and the Season 3 trailer are any indication, Warner Bros. It’s long since stopped trying to limit Harley Quinn’s use of the F-word, which allows screenwriters to be as unfriendly to the family as they would like.

While Harley Quinn has less to worry about censorship due to her working on a streaming service, it’s not surprising that Warner Bros. still tried to limit the amount of swearing, since they are a major studio and are valuable intellectual property. However, the rejection of the “f*ck count” seems to have worked in favor of the series, as fans love Harley Quinn for the fact that she can be an open adult, and the characters can say almost anything they want. If the new trailer is any indication, Harley Quinn fans are certainly waiting for a lot more lewd, curse-filled fun when Season 3 is released on July 28.