WB Games Has Uncertain Future After WarnerMedia Sale to Discovery


WB Games: Games in the Batman Arkham series, Middle-earth, Gotham Knights and so many others have an uncertain future due to a billion dollar deal. AT&T is selling / merging Warner Media with Discovery. This will generate a new company focused on streaming movies and series.

Currently, Warner Media is responsible for the game studios WB Games and its sale implies major changes for the studios involved.

According to the journalist of the website Kotaku, Stephen Totilo, the studios will be divided between the two companies involved, part of which will be under the command of AT&T and the other part with the new company.

In all, 11 developers are at this crossroads:

Rocksteady (Batman Arkham, Suicide Squad),
NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat),
Monolith (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War),
TT Games,
Avalanche Software (Hogwarts Legacy),
WB Games Montreal (Gotham Knights),
WB Games Boston (Game of Thrones: Conquest),
WB Games Los Angeles,
WB Games San Francisco,
WB Games San Diego
WB Games New York
On the merger of companies

The WarnerMedia and Discovery deal is expected to close in mid-2022, when AT&T is expected to receive $ 43 billion for negotiating one of its companies.


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