Waze, directions from computer to mobile app


The Waze traffic location and navigation service added a new feature that integrates the platform’s operation on different devices. From now on, it is possible to create routes from the computer and send the desired directions to the smartphone.

The novelty works in a very intuitive way. To start, you must download Waze on your Android or iOS mobile device. Then, access the Waze maps on the PC and scan the QR Code displayed on the screen to synchronize the login.

With the connection established, you can start planning routes by selecting point of origin and destination. The path can be stored for future reference or sent directly to the cell phone – with traffic information in real time, as is typical of Waze.

In addition, the user who has a trip scheduled can now receive a notification on the cell phone informing him about the time of least traffic on the desired route. The feature is already working on Android and iOS.


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