Waze: 2021 Retrospective Shows Most Popular Cities and Destinations


Waze: The urban mobility platform Waze released a 2021 retrospective based on data, habits and behaviors of drivers who use the app for navigation. Based on a survey, the company gathered facts about the use of the platform in Brazil. Eleven thousand adults were interviewed in eight countries between the 27th of October and the 9th of November 2021, with the information crossed with navigation data extracted between the months of January and November 2021.

One of the highlights is that the number of kilometers driven in 2021 exceeded those in 2019 in several cities, including Rio de Janeiro (14% more), São Paulo (13%), Curitiba (30%), Fortaleza (53%) and Vitória (96%).

Champion cities and destinations

Among the cities that recorded the most trips or have drivers who use Waze, there are several capitals:

São Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Belo Horizonte

Waze also brought together the reasons that most led Brazilians to leave home this year, still with the pandemic, but with advances in vaccination and less and less restrictions. In this case, multiple options could be selected.

Go shopping – 68%
Go to work – 61%
Visiting the family – 53%
Visiting friends – 43%
In more specific data, the most common destinations were as follows:

Gas station
Hotels and Inns
subway and train stations
Parking and mechanic workshops
Factories and Industries
Bus terminal
The platform also separated information about when drivers stop to refuel their car.