WayV’s Kun celebrates his birthday, learn his story


Kun from WayV started 2021 with one more year to live, know the curiosities and the path that the idol traveled to fulfill his dream in C-Pop.

WayV’s Kun is the first idol from 2021 to celebrate his birthday, learn about the history of the idol from China and the curiosities that make him unique.

With almost two years of debut, the idol has managed to win the heart of NCTzen thanks to his personality. Kun was born in the city of Fújián, China on January 1, 1996, he is currently 25 years old, (26 in Korean age). His real name is Quian Kun and he is nicknamed Kun Kun or Kun Ge. There is nothing better than starting the year with your birthday party , as it is a new lease on life.

KunHe is governed by the sign of Capricorn, which describes him as a disciplined person who always goes for more, but is cautious with the decisions he makes. He has a good sense of humor, although he becomes a bit reserved with his things, he trusts people a lot and is very professional with what he does.

His history in K-pop began 6 years ago, the Chinese idol joined the SM agency with the SMROOKIES project , later he had the opportunity to appear in the K-pop project NCT 2018 , similar to “RESONANCE” and which groups everyone members. Kun also became close to WinWin during his trainee days.

His artistic studies were carried out at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Beijing, since then, he has skills in piano, guitar and magic. Kun also participated with the NCT U sub-unit in 2016, he performed the Chinese version of his single “Without you”,in 2020 he managed to become a Million Seller with “RESONANCE” and participated in his first SMTOWN.


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Through social media, NCTzen positioned his name in trends to celebrate his birthday , the idol received various messages of congratulations and support. Fans shared their favorite photos and videos of the singer, as well as a description of what Kun means in his life. If you want to know more about the member of WayV, we leave you a list of curiosities.


  • His hobbies are listening to music, dancing and taking photos
  • Likes to go to tech stores
  • He is polite and obedient
  • Do magic tricks like a pro
  • As a child I dreamed of being an astronaut
  • Their phobias are of spiders, butterflies, mosquitoes and bees
  • If he wasn’t a K-pop idol he would have become a pilot
  • An accessory that can not be missing in your outfit are sunglasses

If you are a fan of all the NCT subunits, we leave you a list with all the birthdays and age of the member tasting, write the date on the calendar and celebrate their birthdays in 2021.


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