WayV Ten Breaks Internet With His Ravishing Look at Paris Fashion Week 2023


During Paris Fashion Week 2023, WayV Ten really became the main event as it catered to everyone with its strong presence and exquisite visuals!

On January 17, NCT and WayV ten visited the men’s autumn-winter 2023 collection of the Saint Laurent luxury brand in Paris, France, after being invited as one of its Korean representatives along with SEVENTEEN Jonghan.

On this day, Ten arrived in a car prepared by an elite brand. Despite the cold weather, Ten sets fire to the runway with a violent reaction from foreign fans and media waiting for his appearance.

Indeed, the male idol really attracted everyone’s attention with his adorable appearance in a black outfit with a deep V-shaped collar to the chest. His tall physique was accentuated by strict draped trousers with a high waist. He completed his style with an oversize coat that made him look like royalty.


What made Ten stand out the most was his black hair, thin neck and sexy shoulder line over his elegant sculpted facial features.

Anyone who saw him during the event said that the male idol is undoubtedly the perfect “ten”!

During the photo shoot, Ten sent not only his fans in Paris into a frenzy, but also photographers, the media and local residents. Many netizens were amazed at how down-to-earth Teng was, who tried to greet and say “hello” to everyone he met.

He was also praised for his flamboyant presence and outstanding poses on camera, like a professional model. Finally, when he sat in the front row, he outshone everyone with his refined aura, similar to art.

In response, he rose to the top of a popular topic on Twitter, proving his influence as a “fashion icon” even if he is just standing or standing. Fans and netizens can’t get enough of this iconic Ten moment, rather, the idol is the moment!

WayV Ten breaks gender stereotypes with its fashion at the airport

Ahead of his legendary performance at Men’s PFW2023, Ten made headlines for the first time after his appearance at the airport on January 16.

On this day, Ten briefly greeted fans and the Korean press before leaving for Paris, France, via Incheon International Airport in Jeong-gu, Incheon, for a scheduled appearance at Paris Fashion Week.

In his photos, Ten looks dapper in an elegant black suit, radiating the atmosphere of a prince. The male idol is gorgeous enough to rise to the top of the search in real time, but he became a byword after he perfectly smashed his high heels!

Ten became a hundred times sexier thanks to his high boots and heels, which emphasized his slender legs and waist.

While this type of shoe is usually liked by K-pop idols and women in general, Ten is one of the few male idols proving that real men can also wear high heels, suppressing toxic masculinity!


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