Ways to read WhatsApp without appearing online


Created to review the status of shipments, WhatsApp has up to 4 indicators when you send a message or any other type of content -a photo, a video, a document-, to indicate if it has been sent correctly, if it has been received and if has read.

These are:

– Clock: Next to the message you have just sent, a clock appears, an icon that indicates that there are connectivity problems, and therefore the message has not yet left your mobile and has not reached the WhatsApp servers

– 1 Gray check: The message has left your mobile and has reached the WhatsApp / Facebook servers

– Gray Double Check: The message has passed from the app’s servers to the recipient’s mobile phone, who has already received it

– Blue Double Check: Reading confirmation. The recipient has read the message

I want to read a WhatsApp message that I have received from a contact or group, but I do not want the read receipt sent. In other words: I do not want it to appear as read or for the double blue WhatsApp check to appear. Is that possible? Yes, and without installing anything:

WhatsApp Widgets

  • We unlock the smartphone and go to the main desktop screen -where we usually have widgets like the weather forecast activated-. The best thing is that we slide our finger to the side to be on a page completely free of icons.
  • Now we make a long press on the screen. In this way we will get different configuration and customization options. We are interested in the one that says ‘Widget’. We give it and enter.
  • Depending on the apps and programs you have on your phone, more or less Widgets pages will appear. As they are usually ordered alphabetically, it is best to go to the last one altogether, until we see WhatsApp.
  • Now we will see several Widgets and icons within it. The one that interests us is called WhatsApp and it usually occupies a 4×2 space according to Android. Hold it down and drag it to the empty page, since unlike an app icon that occupies a single box, this widget occupies 4 boxes wide by 2 high.
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And that’s it. We already have the WhatsApp widget active and with it our trick. What will happen now when I receive a message? Then do the test you will see that the widget screen will appear the name of the contact and the entire message. In fact, if we receive several whatsapps from different contacts, they will all appear and you just have to scroll a little.

The advantage is in this way we do not have to enter WhatsApp to read them since we do it through the widget, and therefore it will not appear in the app or that we have read it or that we are online or anything.


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