Ways to get the most out of FaceTime


We are using video calling applications to meet our loved ones in this period when we do not leave our homes unless we have to because of the Corona virus. The representative of this in the iOS ecosystem is of course FaceTime. In this article, “What is FaceTime?” After answering the question, what are the ways to get the most out of FaceTime announced by Apple, we will share it with you.

What is FaceTime?
The answer to what is FaceTime is actually very simple. An application that enables users to have a good quality video conversation with each other within the iOS ecosystem. In order to make the best use of this application, which has become more important recently, it is useful to know some minor points. So what are they?

What are the ways to get the most out of FaceTime?
FaceTime, which you can use to have pleasant conversations with your loved ones or to make your communication with your colleagues easier, can be much more efficient with some details. Apple also brought these tips together.

Crowded conversations with group FaceTime
Talking to more people is easier than ever thanks to Grup FaceTime. Users can invite up to 32 participants to a Group FaceTime call with the FaceTime app. Users who have received an invitation can choose to join the conversation on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

It is possible to start a FaceTime chat in iMessage
In your individual or group chat in Messages, tap the person’s profile picture or the name above. Then tap FaceTime. A FaceTime or Group FaceTime opens with instant chat participants.

Adding more participants to the conversation
While two people are chatting, you can add one more to the chat. To do this, you can open the controls by touching the screen on iPhone. Swipe up on the top of the controls and tap Add Person.

Fun time with Memoji and Animoji
Face ID entered our lives with iPhone X. Users can now use Memoji and Animoji on an iPhone or iPad model with Face ID. When the call starts, tap the Effects button, select the Memoji you want to use, continue your FaceTime conversation with your personalized Memoji or touch the X button to continue without Memoji.

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Take a Live Photo in FaceTime
Capture special moments with family and friends by using Live Photos feature in FaceTime calls. Just press the shutter button in the shape of two circles. You can then find the photos you have taken by going to the Photos application.

You can drag your image                                                                                             While in a FaceTime call, you can change your view and how you appear to other people in the call. To adjust the position of the picture window in the picture, simply drag the image to any corner. To change the direction on the Mac, move the cursor over the image and click the arrows or rotate it with two fingers on the trackpad.
Time to take off and effect on your FaceTime
With FaceTime, you can change your view using built-in filters, or add stickers, stickers, and shapes to your FaceTime conversation. Open the controls by tapping the screen on iPhone, choose the filters, stickers, text or shapes you want to give your video call a new dimension.

32 people together
Group FaceTime makes it easy to chat with multiple people at the same time. You can start a Group FaceTime from the FaceTime app or create a group chat from the Messages app. The square of the speaker is highlighted and visible. You can organize virtual game parties, happy hours, family gatherings and more.
Need a screen recording?
To record a video of your FaceTime video call, you must first add Screen Recording. To do this, go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls and select Screen Recording. Then open Control Center, tap the Screen Recording icon and open your FaceTime call.


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