Waymo Google’s Autonomous Vehicle Brings Traffic Together


Waymo, the driverless car project of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has added traffic. Waymo, who made interesting moves in traffic, managed to be on the agenda in a short time.

While accidents involving autonomous vehicles, especially Tesla, and their reliability have been questioned recently, another development has taken place recently. Images shared by Youtuber Joel Johnson soon managed to be on the agenda.

Youtuber, who lives under the JJRick Studios channel, was generally known for the videos he published about Waymo, the driverless car project of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Youtuber, his latest video revealed some problems with Google’s autonomous vehicle Waymo.

Google Waymo, Youtubera had a hard time

Youtuber, who got on one of the Waymo vehicles to test Google’s autonomous taxi service, was shocked after the vehicle got stuck at an intersection. Joel Johnson, who asked for help by calling the service of the vehicle in a short time, recorded these moments completely.

However, before help arrived, the autonomous vehicle Waymo began to act on its own. Moving, leaving the given instructions unanswered, the vehicle stopped after sudden maneuvers. However, the interesting part is that Waymo blocked a three-lane road here.

In the posted video, it is understood that the vehicle made strange movements after a section of the road was blocked with a few orange safety cones while trying to turn right from the street. The vehicle, which takes off again without help, turns right from the street. However, the vehicle, which makes strange movements again, then stops again between the safety cones.

The vehicle starts up again here. In fact, Youtuber, who thinks that the problem has been resolved, contacts the team again after the vehicle is stuck again after a short time.

The aid team called by Youtuber Joel Johnson is coming soon. But things get interesting here once again. While the aid team is getting off the vehicles, the autonomous vehicle suddenly takes off again and stops again after a few meters. Here, the aid team will be a little worried that one person from the team disables the autonomous feature of the vehicle and moves to his own driver’s seat. The journey is completed in this way.

In fact, this very entertaining video unfortunately raises doubts about autonomous vehicles. Let’s see if Google will make a statement on this  subject. We will see it all together.


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