Waymo driverless vehicle succumbed to the weather


Along with electric vehicles, fully autonomous technologies have also become popular. Waymo, the driverless vehicle company of Google, came to the fore. A YouTuber recorded the autonomous system that failed due to heavy rain while traveling with Waymo.

Waymo deactivates autonomous system due to heavy rain

The widespread use of level 4 autonomous systems caused companies such as Google, Nvidia and Tesla to spend more time. Waymo, which has made agreements with Daimler, Volvo and Fiat, continues to advance rapidly in areas such as autonomous commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Waymo, sağnak yağış nedeniyle otonom sistemi devre dışı bıraktı

The YouTube channel JJRicks Studios broadcasted his Waymo experience on a heavy rainy night. Acting fully autonomously at the beginning of the video, the vehicle gave a warning due to the acceleration of the rain and disabled the autonomous mode.

Although the autonomous driving system was disabled, it was surprised that the system did not make any mistakes in mapping and giving directions. Although companies do not have enough data sets for a near-perfect driving experience, the autonomous driving experience is getting better every day.


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