Way With Words, Kard revela el concept video de Gunshot


The guys from KARD showed their more mysterious side in the video for ‘Gunshot’, the first preview of their single ‘Way With Words’, watch the clip here.

KARD returns to the stage his album ‘Way With Words’, a production in which the idols actively participated in the composition and lyrics of the tracklist that has three songs full of rhythm:

  1. Ah ee yah.
  2. Gunshot.
  3. Hold On.

The guys from the entertainment agency DSP Media have already revealed several previews for the ‘Way With Words’ project, such as individual and group concept images for their comeback, album versions, and other merchandise that fans can purchase.

Today, through the YouTube platform, J.Seph, BM, Somin and Jiwoo shared the first preview video of ‘Gunshot’, a track from this new record material by the mixed K-pop band.

During the clip of ‘Concept video’ the idols are seen in different situations and it seems that they are fighting for their lives, the singers and rappers are locked in an abandoned factory, some look injured and even a little confused. Woow their performances are unique.

‘Gunshot’ was written by members BM and J.Seph, so you can hear it in the video for ‘Music Spoiler’ it is a dramatic track, with very deep sounds that mix different styles and create an interesting proposal.

The video already has more than 71 thousand reproductions, more than 29 thousand likes and thousands of comments from the band’s followers who wait to see the surprises it brings for them, such as the choreography, costumes, makeup and of course new songs to enjoy the talent of the 4 artists.

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‘Gunshot’ will be released on August 26, that same day the songs that make up the album ‘Way With Words’ will be published, you can give your love and support to the group on different music platforms by playing the tracks.

Watch the video preview of KARD ‘Way With Words’ CONCEPT VIDEO:

If you want to know more details about KARD’s comeback with ‘Way With Words’, click here.


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