The Way of Bitcoin: 20 Thousand Dollars Is Possible, 3 Thousand Dollars…


Bitcoin price then dropped to $ 4,600 in a week, went up to $ 6,800, now it is around $ 6,200. While this activity in the market made some investors smile, it hurt some investors.

Currently, no one can predict where the next stop of the Bitcoin price will be. Indeed, many cryptocurrency commentators have completely opposite comments. Some say that BTC will rise to $ 20,000, while others say it can drop to $ 3,000.

Markets Fluctuating
Blockstream CEO Adam Back shared a post from his social media account.

He said that he saw the price of Bitcoin rising to 20 thousand dollars in 1 night. Back also points out how volatile the market is now, stating that it would not be surprising if something like this happened.

Some commentators like Adam Back expect Bitcoin price to go up, while some names like Chris Burniske say the price may go down rapidly. Emphasizing the fluctuations in the global markets, Burniske says that if heavy sales pressure occurs in the stock markets on Monday, BTC may also decrease. Burniske emphasizes that in such a situation, BTC could go down to $ 3,000.

The crypto money market is currently going through a really interesting period. The recent events were so extraordinary that people now give the same possibility that BTC will go up to $ 20,000 or drop to $ 3,000.

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