Let’s change your life: Ariana Grande’s hair is not straight. What you read! Accustomed to seeing the young artist show off her long hair and with an almost perfect smooth, this statement has broken all our schemes.

Ariana Grande’s hair is wavy and more than straight it seems to have a carded texture. Come on, we could ensure that the roots of your hair are the strongest. This is what the artist herself has shown us through an instagram story video in which she poses with what looks like a most comfortable pajamas.

As expected, this video has revolutionized social networks. In few occasions, and we would even say that in no time, we had known the natural look of our protagonist. Many of her followers encourage her to wear this image more often, moving her hair away from any electrical device that deteriorates it.

Ariana Grande starred last Tuesday, November 19, one of the most anticipated reunions by Victorious fans. The artist decided to immortalize the moment of her appointment with Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett, two of her series partners who also had their second shot in the Thank U video clip, Next. This image soon went viral and sow emotion among users.

Now, Ariana continues to occupy the covers of the media, although this time she does not do it for any musical release. In fact, the last thing he offered us was his repertoire of new melodies in Charlie’s Los Angeles movie a few weeks ago, so he points out that we will have to wait to see our protagonist succeed in the charts with his musical novelties.