Wavy Filter: How to get an Instagram Viral Filter on Tik Tok


The new “wavy” filter has become popular on Instagram, and there is a way to add it to TikTok with a simple workaround. Every few weeks it seems that a new filter goes viral. Although the credit for creating the most innovative filters usually belongs to Snapchat, this time it’s Instagram’s turn. The filter in question is not an official filter created by Instagram, but a user-created effect that has gained popularity over the past few weeks.

Among the currently popular filters, Snapchat’s crying face filter is still popular. The filter applies a very real expression of sadness/crying, which adds a cheerful touch to the most ordinary conversation. Another popular filter, also courtesy of Snapchat, is the Shake filter. An exaggerated shocked expression creates a Chucky effect that is both funny and frightening.

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The new wavy filter that has gone viral on Instagram is just one of many that provide a similar effect. It is called “Waves” and when recording a person walking or even standing still, it creates a wavy effect that looks like he is dancing. In Instagram, swipe right in the Instagram app to open the camera view to use the “Waves” filter. Swipe through the available filters to the very end to go to the “Effects Overview” button. In the search bar at the top, type “Waves” and find the one that belongs to the user “kar.ina_”. Or click on this link to open the effect in the Instagram app. Now users can create stories or videos using a filter.

How to use the Waves filter on Instagram and TikTok

Some Instagram users also recorded videos of people dancing and used a filter to create an even funnier effect. The uniqueness of this particular trend is that everyone uses the same music for their stories and videos. In this case, it is a song by Cumba Buena by Grupo La Cumbia. To add a track, click on the sticker icon after recording a video with the “Waves” filter and click “Music”. Find a song using the search button and select it from the list. Use the slider to adjust the part of the track you want to use in the video and tap Done. Now you can post the video in your Instagram story or send it to your friends in private messages.

To use the same Waves filter and accompanying music in TikTok, users first need to record the video as an Instagram story. Now click on the three-point icon in the upper right corner and click “Save”. Now the video will be saved in the phone gallery. Now users can open the TikTok app on their phone and download the video by pressing the “+” button and adding any additional effects if necessary. With these steps, using the Instagram Waves filter in TikTok becomes quite simple.