Waterfall Screen Patent to Make Edges More Functional from Xiaomi

It turns out that Xiaomi has received a new patent that will make waterfall screens useful. The Chinese technology giant brings a lot of information and menus to the screen, which we are accustomed to seeing in front of the device.

Xiaomi is trying to take advantage of waterfall screen technology more efficiently. The new patent of the Chinese tech giant shows how the sides can be made more functional on waterfall screen phones.

If Xiaomi plans to implement the design in the patent, it can move items such as quick shortcuts and notification bar in the MIUI interface to the curved edges of the screen. The patent, unveiled by LetsGoDigital, reveals details about how curved edges can be used to make room on the screen.

Xiaomi’s new waterfall screen patent
According to the patent, status icons such as battery and network indicators that we’re normally used to see at the top of the screen will be moved to the left edge. Likewise, there will be a home button on the right edge. In the new UI, the edges functionally look like a media player or browser tab.

The front camera is not visible in the diagram in Xiaomi’s patent. In other words, the company may place cameras under the screen on the waterfall screen phones that will be released in the future or it may come up with a pop-up design.

Xiaomi’s patent marks a new Mi Mix Alpha concept
While most smartphone makers are wary of edge detection problems that can arise on curved screens, Xiaomi disagrees. The tech giant wants to integrate the edges into a seamless UI experience. A similar application was made in Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha concept. Of course, Xiaomi’s patent design cannot be said to be strictly applied to phones. However, such an application could shape the design of flagship models in the future.

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