Water found on the moon: announced by NASA!


Long-term research has begun to bear fruit. Jim Bridenstine, one of the people with executive positions at NASA, announced that they found water on the surface of the Moon in a post he made on his personal Twitter account. The announcement that NASA found traces of water on the sunny surface of the moon for the first time created an outrage on social media. This discovery, which is reported to be made using Sofia, the world’s largest flying observatory, is very important.

It was announced that water was found on the moon.

It is announced by NASA that the water was detected in Clavius ​​crater, while the crater is said to be in the southern hemisphere of the moon. Jim Bridenstine shared the following on Twitter:

“Using @ SOFIATelecobe, we have detected water on the sunlit side of the Moon for the first time. We are not sure if we can use it as a resource yet, but what we learned about water on the Moon is key to our Artemis exploration plans. ”

Studies have been conducted on whether there is life in space for many years. Striving to find physical evidence, scientists finally found water debris on the lunar surface.

Apart from Bridenstine, Paul Hertz, director of the astrophysics division of the science mission directorate, from the NASA base in Washington, also made an official statement. According to this statement, “We had indications that H2O, the water we know, could be found on the sunny side of the moon. We know it’s there now. This discovery challenges our understanding of the lunar surface and raises curious questions about resources related to deep space exploration. ” says.

Water is a valuable resource in deep space and an important component of life as we know it. NASA will determine whether the moon’s water is readily available for use as a resource. This news, an important pillar of the Artemis Project, proves that a plan is underway to send the first woman and the next man to the lunar surface in 2024.


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