WatchOS 8: First Details of The Operating System for The Apple Watch


WatchOS 8: Everyone knows Apple from the iPhone and Macs, but there are more products that deserve to be known. And the company has other accessories that you can combine with others from the brand and thus have a richer and more fluid ecosystem of the firm. This is where we have to talk about the Apple Watch, which could not work if it is not for its WatchOS operating system that will receive its eighth version in the fall.

More wellness features

Smart watches are not conventions to glance at the screen every time you do not know what time it is or what day you live. They have many interesting functions that should be taken into account and that, if that were not enough, can help you improve your well-being. And with this premise we have to talk about the improvements that Apple wants to give to its device when it introduces WatchOS 8.

In previous versions we have seen how those from Cupertino have given great support to this gadget at a functional level. In its new version it is not for less and you will have news such as a more precise control. For example, soon your Apple Watch will measure the respiratory rate during sleep and all thanks to the fact that it uses the accelerometer while you sleep to determine it. You will also have at your disposal new sports to choose from, such as Tai Chi and Pilates.

On the other hand, the breathing function, the one that helped control your stress, will disappear. But instead you will have an enhancement called Mindfulness. This will have the breathing function integrated in addition to a new called Reflect, which will be in charge of helping you think positive.

A much more useful watch

With WatchOS 8 there are many features that change and for the better, as is the case with the Home app. If we focus on it, with your Apple Watch you will have more control of all the devices you have at home and that means that you do not need to take out your mobile to have the functions of all the objects in your environment at hand. You will also have the new Wallet functions that iOS 15 has, a system that supports many more codes such as the use of electronic car keys.

And since we continue with the mobile operating system, Focus will also be available, so they will help you use the Apple Watch only when you need it depending on what you are doing or where you want to focus.

Take advantage of the screen

Another of the functions that WatchOS 8 has has to do with the screen. And now you will have the opportunity to see on the screen an improvement of the Photos application where you can put a portrait of your choice. This will remain as your wallpaper as well as showing you what you need: the photo and the time, nothing more. On the other hand, the Messages application is the one that takes full advantage of the screen thanks to the use that allows you to write on it. And yes, you can reply to a message by writing the letters freehand or with voice input, or if you prefer you can send an emoji or animated gif.