watchOS 7 is on the agenda with a new issue: Apple Watch


The watchOS 7 update was released, but it turned out that it does not work in harmony with the GPS feature developed for Apple Watch. A problem with this software, also known as the navigation feature, has disappointed the users.

WatchOS 7, which was introduced to users on September 16, 2020, was prepared for Apple Watch Series 3 and higher models. It was learned that Apple stepped in and would solve the GPS problem as soon as possible.

watchOS 7 is not compatible with Apple Watch GPS feature

Apple Watch models, which include a space-based satellite navigation system, cannot record users’ GPS data due to the latest update they receive. An Apple Watch Series 4 owner wanted to transfer their GPS data to a platform called Strava.

This user, named “Hageltjes”, said that he had received a warning message and that there was a message that no GPS data was found. Hageltjes said he faced the same problem with the Fitness app and his wife also suffered from it.

The member named “Keksz” stated that the map only shows the starting point but does not provide any directions and does not show any bus stops. Other users complain about similar issues.

watchOS 7 Apple Watch

It seems to be the cause of this issue, which affects people using Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5. Because some people announced that they were contacting Apple.

Apple said this problem was caused by Strava. Released in 2009, this application tracks people’s exercises. Analyzing activities such as cycling and running, Strava is designed for both iOS and Android.

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It is expected from Apple to eliminate the related disruption in saving data as soon as possible. Have you encountered such a problem? We welcome your comments and evaluations.


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