WatchOS 7.4 Released: Unlocking IPhones With A Mask

watchOS 7.4 version has been updated. The operating system watchOS of Apple Watch smart watches has been updated to version 7.4. The update, like other Apple operating systems, was released last night. With watchOS 7.4, mask unlock became possible on iPhone.

Mask unlock feature is available for iPhones

We have been living with masks since the beginning of 2020, it does not seem possible to get rid of them anytime soon. Face unlock features do not work when the mask is on. At the beginning of the pandemic, Apple announced that Face ID has developed a feature that can work with a mask. With the update released last night, Apple Watch will now be activated when the face mask is detected.

To use the feature, iOS 14.5 must be installed on iPhone and watchOS 7.4 must be installed on Apple Watch. After updating, go to Face ID in your iPhone’s settings. Click the option to use Apple Watch for unlocking.

After these steps, when the mask is detected on your face while unlocking, the Apple Watch will be unlocked. When the watch is nearby and connected to the device, unlocking will be possible.

It is a risk that this process can be done when the Apple Watch is nearby. In order to prevent this, a notification is sent to the clock after the unlocking process. If your device was opened by someone other than you, you can lock it by clicking the button that comes with the notification.

We can say that this feature will be useful especially in crowded environments. Because in many countries, the mask has become a necessity. This feature is useful for unlocking without removing the mask while shopping, watching a movie at the movie theater or sitting in the park. It seems that we will be satisfied with such solutions until the end of the pandemic.

All the innovations that come with watchOS 14.5 are as follows:

  • Mask unlock option for iPhones with the help of Apple Watch
  • Bluetooth device type option in settings to identify the headset correctly in sound notifications
  • ECG program support for Vietnam and Australia
  • Ability to broadcast audio and video content from Apple Fitness + workouts to “AirPlay” 2 enabled TVs and devices
  • Support for irregular heart rhythm notifications to Apple Watch users in Australia and Vietnam

You can find the update details of iOS 14.5 required for mask unlocking from the following news.



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