watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 2 is out! Here’s what’s new


The watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 2 update has been released. Apple, which released its software called watchOS 7.1 Developer Beta 2 2 days ago, is quick to use the features tested by the developers to serve users.

The second trial version, which is prepared for the watchOS 7.1 version, which is still under development and can be used by all users, seems to satisfy those who prefer Apple. With watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 1, there were no new interfaces expected to be available to users.

What does watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 2 offer?

In the relevant statement made by Apple, it was stated that both developers and users can now use the long-awaited new interfaces and the application called Blood Oxygen, which measures the amount of oxygen in the blood.

These features were not available in the watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 1 and watchOS 7.1 Developer Beta 1 duo. Apple’s move surprised many. Nobody knows why the American tech giant made such a move.

watchOS 7.1 Public Beta 2

There is no other noticeable innovation in this new version with a file size of 613 MB. This week, the iOS 14.2 Beta 2 update was also released. In this context, we can understand that Apple focuses on intermediate updates.

If you have registered to the program called watchOS Public Beta Program, you should follow the following path to install this update: Click the Watch application on your iPhone device> Go to the My Watch tab> General> Software Update.

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