Watching YouTube videos on Twitter timeline will be easier


It is testing a method that will allow Twitter users to watch YouTube videos directly from the timeline. Normally, if a link to a YouTube video is included in a tweet, clicking this link will take you to YouTube. This can be frustrating for you if you don’t want to leave Twitter to watch the video.

The new feature has started to be tested in the iOS application as of yesterday. Thus, those who see a YouTube video in a tweet will not have to leave Twitter to watch it. As a result, it will be easier to watch videos, and after you finish watching, you will continue to scroll down from where you left off.

The test is currently being tested by a small group of people living in countries including Canada, the USA, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Speaking to The Verge site on behalf of Twitter, the representative said that the test currently performed on iOS is a four-week experiment. He also stated that the results will be looked at and scaled accordingly.

This new test comes with two other tests announced last week for iOS and Android that aim to improve sharing and viewing media files on the social network. The first test adds an image preview to the tweet maker, meaning it previews how the images will be displayed in the timeline when drafting a tweet. In addition, the company is testing ways to upload and view 4K images on mobile devices.