Watch: YoonA and Lee Junho Increase Excitement Ahead of Upcoming Drama “King of the Earth” With New Year’s Greetings


YoonA from Girls’ Generation and Lee Junho from 2PM wished the audience a happy New Year, and also caused excitement about their new drama “King of the Earth”.

“King the Land” will tell the story of Goo Won (Lee Junho) and Jung Sa Ran (YoonA). Gu Won is the son of the chaebol family that runs the King Group. He is a smart and elegant young man who despises laughter and smiles. Cheon Sa Rang is nothing but a smiling, cheerful and bright woman who starts working at the King Hotel, a place that holds many pleasant memories from her childhood.

Viewers are looking forward to Lee Junho and YoonA sharing a small screen together, and the two continue to amplify this excitement by sending New Year greetings to viewers around the world.

In a recently published photo, they are sitting next to handwritten New Year greetings. Lee Junho wrote: “2023 is the year of the black rabbit. I hope that this year will start well and you will be able to achieve everything you want and desire. Please show great love for “King the Land”.

Meanwhile, YoonA wrote to the audience: “Together with “King the Land” in 2023. Please always be healthy and happy,” even drawing a cute smiley face at the end.

Watch the video of their New Year greetings below!

Viewers can look forward to meeting Lee Joon Ho and Yoon at “King the Land”, a place that is the dream of the hotel owner.

The premiere date of the drama has not yet been announced, so stay tuned!


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