Watch: When Andrew Garfield Publicly Kissed Ryan Reynolds for Ryan Gosling


Ryan Reynolds has won many hearts not only because he is a handsome and talented actor, but also because of his sharp mind. The Canadian-American actor is known for his funny answers and heated remarks, especially the exchanges that occur between him and his wife Blake Lively. But do you remember the Golden Globe Award incidents in 2017?

Ryan Reynolds’ good sense of humor has made him quite popular with the masses. But not only the ladies have sympathy for this Canadian-American actor. He also shares excellent chemistry with his male colleagues, and the 2017 Golden Globe Award is proof of the same. Six years ago, Reynolds shared a moment with Andrew Garfield that blew up the Internet.

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield stole All the Thunder

During a highly publicized ceremony in January 2017, the camera spotted the actor Deadpool hugging Andrew Garfield when Ryan Gosling received the award for Best Actor. This is one of those incidents that comes up whenever the words “Golden Globe” and “Ryan Reynolds” are mentioned together. In fact, according to Fandom Wire, “why did Reynolds kiss Andrew Garfield on the night of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards?” was one of the most popular questions on the internet.

In 2017, when Reynolds was asked about the intentions of a sensational kiss, the actor showed off his great sense of humor by saying that he didn’t know he had kissed Andrew Garfield until he got home that night. All he needed was a “map” to hide from his eyes. While the “Free Guy” actor has been trying to avoid answering this question for a long time, it was Spider-Man who revealed the truth about this kiss. According to Garfield, he told Ryan Reynolds that he should share a kiss with him and not with Blake Lively if he received the award for Best Actor.

They even discussed an elaborate plan, according to which, if Reynolds won, he would lean a little towards Blake, and then kiss Garfield at the last minute. Unfortunately, the 46-year-old actor did not receive the award, as his colleague, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, took the trophy home. However, both famous actors still decided to go for a kiss. The kiss went viral and even after six years is fresh in people’s memories.

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