Watch: Weatherman’s Message to Texas Fans Goes Viral


Ahead of Saturday’s massive college football game between Alabama and Texas, one forecaster is doing his best to fan the flames.

On Thursday, on Twitter, CBS meteorologist Austin Avery Tomasco made a funny warning for Texas fans when the Crimson Tide comes. Tomasco is a graduate of Texas A&M College, and he doesn’t like Longhorns, despite working in the heart of Burnt Orange Nation.

“The mixture of sweat and tears of longhorns will lead to a rapid increase in the water level in DKR. Please plan accordingly! Turn around, don’t play Bama,” Tomasco tweeted.

As expected — and as Tomasco hoped — Longhorns fans were furious and immediately began bombarding him with comments. But Tomasco was ready and started trolling everyone:

Alabama and Texas haven’t played since the infamous 2010 BCS National Championship. But they haven’t played each other in the regular season since 1922.

In their first eight meetings between 1902 and 1982, Texas won seven and the two teams tied once.

Unfortunately, the bookies don’t seem to think it will be a Texas victory or even a close Longhorns defeat. Texas is the home underdog with almost three touchdowns against the reigning SEC champions.

Will Avery Tomasco have the last laugh after his little “weather report”? Or will the Longhorns make him eat his words?


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