Watch: Video of Suni Lee’s First Pitch Attempt goes Viral – The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


The first pitches, as a rule, deserve attention only when they go horribly wrong.

Simply getting the ball, or at least close to home plate, is often a daunting task for anyone engaged in ceremonial honor. However, Suni Lee took it one step further when he was invited to Target Field to start Friday’s game between the Minnesota Twins and the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Olympic gymnast, who won three medals representing the United States at the Tokyo Games, performed a backflip from a hill before performing her first throw.

The St. Paul native appreciated the opportunity to show her talents on the Minnesota baseball field.

Having won the Olympic gold medal in the all-around last year, Lee continues to achieve success at Auburn. She led the Tigers to the National Championship, where she finished second behind Trinity Thomas of Florida in the all-around and won gold on the balance beam.

The flip was also a good idea on her part, as the video doesn’t even show where the pitch landed. After all, you can’t mock someone for not perfecting an athletic feat right after he smoothly performed a somersault from a standing position.


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