Watch: Tom Brady Underwear Ad Goes Viral


Another Tom Brady underwear ad goes viral this Monday. Except this time he’s not the one without a shirt.

The infamous “dude with a sign” has a new sign for his followers on social networks.

It says, “Stop trying to advertise your underwear, Tom.”

Moreover, Brady stopped by to take a picture with this guy. And no, Brady wasn’t wearing underwear this time.

It’s funny that one of Brady’s most famous photographs is a photo of the combine in 2000. 22 years later, he’s basically an underwear—oh model, and a seven-time Super Bowl champion.

“There’s been a lot of time over the last 23 years to get in a little bit better shape,” Brady said before detailing one of the internet’s favorite photos of the past two decades via .

“I was a college student, I was coming out of college, oh my God, it probably wasn’t the best moment in my life, but I always joke about this photo, as if no one has such a photo, where is the photo of Peyton Manning? He didn’t look very good in those gray shorts either, but for some reason he had never seen such an image.”

Brady won’t stop advertising his underwear line anytime soon.