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Sparks flew during Saturday’s practice at the Buffalo Bills’ training camp.

According to numerous reports, star quarterback Josh Allen got into a fight with quarterback Jordan Phillips.

“Josh Allen and Jordan Phillips get into a fight. Allen held the QB to a draw at the goal line. Phillips hit him a little when Allen headed to the goal line. Allen was furious. and Allen overreacted. This play ends practice,” Bills insider Thad Brown said.

Later, a video of this quarrel was published.

Allen immediately took offense at Phillips’ light hit on his throwing shoulder, which scored the ball and pushed his teammate. The favorite MVP of 2022 was pulled out of the pile and quickly taken out of the situation.

Such pre-season brawls may indicate one of two things. Either some serious malfunction in the locker room, or a healthy competitive fire. Given the sky-high expectations from Allen’s team for the upcoming season, Bills Mafia certainly hopes it’s the latter.

After the early end of today’s training session, the Bills will have a day off tomorrow to relax and get ready before returning to work on Monday.


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