Watch the trailer of the comedy with Melissa McCarthy


On Tuesday (10), the streaming platform HBO Max released the first trailer for the film Superintelligence, its newest comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband, Ben Falcone.

The couple’s partnership has already yielded good results in cinema, including the last one released in 2018, Alma da Festa (Life of the Party, in the original). The new feature film addresses a woman named Carol Peters (McCarthy) on the day that she discovers that all of her technological gadgets have gained awareness and can even communicate with her.

And when the program known as Super Intelligence (voiced by James Corden) reveals to her that she is monitoring everything to decide whether it destroys humanity or not, Carol proceeds to do whatever it takes to convince this artificial intelligence that humanity does not deserve be wiped out.

Check out the official movie trailer:

Somehow, the scenes released from this new comedy already reveal to viewers some very important nuances about the characters and the conflicts presented. And all of this, in the end, seems to be a lot of fun.

Even the soundtrack to the trailer, packed with the song “Under Pressure”, by Queen with David Bowie, already tells us some narrative details that will only be unveiled and confirmed on the day of the official release.


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