Watch The Trailer For The Second Part of The Series “Glory” From Netflix.


Netflix has shared the trailer for the second part of the popular Korean TV series “Glory”.

The upcoming series titled “Glory, Part 2” is again based on a script by screenwriter Kim Eun-suk, and actor Lee Do-hyun reprises his role of Joo Ye-jung. In the trailer, which was released just a month after the release of the first part on December 30, the returning star Song Hye Kyo tells a letter in the role of his heroine Moon Dong Eun, and images of bags filled with money and flames flash on the screen.

Watch the trailer for “Glory, Part 2” below.

The accompanying synopsis to “Glory, Part 2” says: “Years after she survived the horrific abuse in high school, a woman sets in motion an elaborate revenge scheme to make criminals pay for their crimes.”

The premiere of the second part of “Glory” will take place on Netflix on March 10.

“Glory” is directed by director Ahn Gil-ho, who previously worked on “Memories of the Alhambra” and “Records of Youth”. The first part of the Korean title was in the top ten of the Netflix world charts outside of English for three weeks after its release. Speaking about the second installment of “Fame” earlier this month, writer Eun Suk, who also wrote “Descendants of the Sun,” said it was “refreshingly enjoyable and shockingly intense.”

“Glory, Part 2” was among the Korean films and dramas announced by Netflix for 2023 earlier this month. Also among the 30 titles that will be released on the streaming service are the long-awaited dramas “Creature Kensong” and “The Black Knight”, as well as the continuation of the season “Sweet Home” in 2020. Meanwhile, games like Bloodhounds, Celebrity and Queenmaker are due out in the second quarter of 2023.

Original Korean dramas not related to Netflix, which will be released on the platform this year, also include the current “Crash Course in Romance”, “Behind Your Touch”, “Good, Bad Mother”, “King of the Earth” and “Doomed with You”.


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