WATCH: The Trailer For The Launch of The Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Shows The Battle of Wizards in Action


Magic and spells are useful in every way, but we all know that the most exciting use of magic in the “Legacy of Hogwarts” will be in battle, which we see in the trailer for the launch of the “Legacy of Hogwarts” gameplay.

The trailer for the launch of the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay shows wizard duels and wand fights

Hogwarts Legacy has released its latest gameplay launch trailer, showing us most of the gameplay features that have been revealed so far. This only adds to the huge amount of hype surrounding the game, including classes, the Requirements Room and, of course, wizard fights.

As in the movies, the battles in the “Legacy of Hogwarts” go beyond bizarre duels in the classroom and can even lead to deadly battles in the open field against multiple opponents. The legacy of Hogwarts has previously caused controversy when it was revealed that all three Unforgivable Curses are available in the game, as many have called for how the game encourages players who play for the character in their youth to use the most infamous of the three, Avada. A cadaver to indiscriminately kill other characters in the game. Fortunately, players decide for themselves whether they want to use these curses or not, and in addition, a DLC called Dark Arts Battle Arena allows players to use Unforgivable Curses outside of the main game, without any narrative consequences.

With that said, what we’re most excited about in Hogwarts Legacy is how you can use magic to fight opponents in the game. Unforgivable curse or not, players will be able to participate in the battles in the “Legacy of Hogwarts” as they like. In this new game trailer, we saw how the player’s character uses a spell to smash a golem-like creature to smithereens, uses a shield to block a lightning bolt, responds with one of his own and fights off villains with both lethal and non-lethal spells.

Hogwarts Legacy promises to be an exciting adventure game, and we look forward to the full release of the game on February 10 on Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC.


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