Watch: The sports world reacts to the US uniform for the World Cup


The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar starts in a little more than two months, and the uniforms have been arriving for some time. But on Thursday, the United States men’s national soccer team (USMNT) finally presented its World Cup uniforms to the world.

Designed by Nike, there are two different kits. One of them is an all-white T-shirt with a red and blue stripe on the sleeve. The other is a multicolored blue T-shirt with a camouflage theme.

In fact, some time ago, information was leaked about what the white form would look like. The fans weren’t surprised then, and they were even less surprised when it became official.

While some fans like the kit, the vast majority of online fans seem to absolutely hate it. The comments are absolutely brutal, from a simple dismissal to quite thoughtful insults:

If it’s any consolation to USMNT fans, then they’re hardly the only team to get a set of kits that made fans scratch their heads. However, it is clear that Nike did not seek to please these.

The USMNT is participating in the World Championship for the first time in eight years, and in those eight years Nike has released some pretty great uniforms.

Why in the world Nike went with something so soft is beyond anyone’s comprehension at the moment.

However, the kit is not as important as the players who wear it, and if the USMNT can achieve big wins with these new kits, everything will be forgiven.

If not, people will use kindling kits.

The first game of the USMNT World Cup will take place on November 21 against Wales.


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