Watch: The sports world reacts to the controversy about Devon Allen


It was a heartbreaking Sunday for Philadelphia Eagles hopeful Devon Allen at the World Cup in Eugene.

The former Ducks receiver had a chance to climb the podium in the 110-meter hurdles, but a violation of an almost indistinguishable false start led to Allen’s disqualification.

“Punished for being too good,” one user tweeted.

“Hooray, we found the worst rule in sports,” Jeff Schwartz said. “The beginning is too fast…”

“The false start should be obvious,” Paul Pabst replied. “This [system] is all drugs.”

“Try to see this false start.”

“Still mad about it,” said the Oregon fan.

“It was outrageous.”

“Oregon football graduate Devon Allen is disqualified in the 110—meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships organized by the University of Oregon,” the CFB subreddit tweeted. “He started after the gun, but for 0.001 seconds before the 0.1 s buffer, inserted, as a rule, by envious mere mortals with less skills than him.”

“This is a joke!” commented Austin Collie. “Imagine being told you can’t race because you’re too fast. Crazy!!!”

Allen will now focus on qualifying for a spot with the Eagles at the team’s July training camp.