Watch The Smile Perform “You Never Work In Television Again” in The TV Series “Fallon”


The Smile appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night (November 18) with the song “You Will Never Work In Television Again” — see below.

The Smile band, consisting of Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead, as well as Sons Of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner, released their album “A Light For Attracting Attention” back in May with the song “You Will Never Work In Television Again” starring. not married.

Taking a break from their debut North American tour, the supergroup went to Fallon to perform a thoughtful track.

You can watch their performance below:

In a four-star review of “Lights to Attract Attention,” NME wrote: “Coming up with new forms, this supergroup has given free rein to their work to create one of the most exciting and enjoyable musical compositions in their career. God, it looks like they’re having fun—or at least as much fun as possible-peddling this kind of fake misery. However, after just a few auditions, this seemingly ironic band name makes a lot more sense.”

Although their debut album was released just six months ago, The Smile have already started performing new songs live. They played a new song called “Bending Hectic” at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July, the lyrics of which, according to Thom Yorke, were written “about half an hour” before they were supposed to play. During their European tour in the summer, they also debuted three more songs — “Bodies Laughing”, “Friend Of A Friend” and “Colors Fly”.

The band is currently in the middle of their debut North American tour. In a four-star review, NME described their New York show as “a vast and dazzling venue.”

“For a project born in isolation, the trio’s live performance seems like a triumph, especially since the artists’ touring future was bleak until recently, and for a moment it disappeared altogether.”

Meanwhile, Tom Skinner has just released a new solo album, Voices of Bishara. This is the first album he recorded under his own name, he previously released solo music under the name Hello Skinny.


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