Watch the ninja prove his baking skills in the exclusive Season 4 clip “Made from Scratch”


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is preparing a storm! In the fourth season of “Made from Scratch” Fuse, the YouTube sensation goes to the kitchen to cook crab cakes and lime pie with his father Chuck. Throughout the episode, which takes place in the Ninja house in Florida, the Internet celebrity reflects on his path to fame.

“Made from Scratch” is a series without a script in which celebrities cook their favorite dishes and tell stories about their achievements and how food has influenced their personality. Guests are accompanied by a family member or friend. Game Rant got the opportunity to present an exclusive clip from the Ninja episode — the first in the new season.

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In our exclusive video, a Ninja jokes with his father about separating egg yolks, proving that sometimes creative solutions lead to the best. The YouTuber compares the process to “Jurassic Park” and gives a better impression of the velociraptor. Watch the clip below.

The new season will feature actress-producer Eva Longoria; singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus; Euphoria actor Jayvon Walton; In My Neighborhood actor Jason Jenao; musician, activist and reality TV star Amara La Negra; and singers Kyle and Sid. On the eve of the premiere of the fourth season, “not quite a cooking show” was renewed for a fifth season, the production of which will begin later this year.

This isn’t the first time a Ninja, best known for his video blogs and game content, has pointed a camera at his cooking skills (or lack thereof). He participated in the Bon Appétit test kitchen in 2019 and was fried for improperly slicing bread and avocado. In the video, he was asked to make a sandwich with bacon and cheese “egg in a hole”, following the voice instructions of a professional chef. The ninja was jokingly called out for cutting bread from the top of a loaf and cutting through an avocado bone.

In addition to his popularity in the gaming community — Ninja is the most popular Twitch streamer and often plays Fortnite and League of Legends — a gamer from Michigan has made his way into television and film projects. He voiced the fictional gamer Slayer in the recently canceled animated series Duncanville, co-written by Amy Poehler. Ninja has also appeared in the films “The Masked Singer”, “Unfiltered” by Nickelodeon, “The Free Guy” and “Hotel Transylvania: Transformation”.

Speaking about his growing career in Screen Rant, Ninja expressed interest in continuing to appear on screen. “I just want to keep voicing anime or cartoons, whatever.”

He went on to say that he was passionate about his TV appearances and a promising acting career.

“I’m ready for anything. I was on “The Masked Singer,” which was probably my most nerve-wracking experience. Firstly, singing, but also that you really only have one chance. outside of my comfort zone in everything I’ve done. Participating in a TV show, giving live interviews and voicing, I am passionate about all this. I’ve been on camera so much in my life that I don’t think I’m [unprepared]. I still have butterflies fluttering, but I think that surprisingly it prepared me for almost everything.”

The premiere of the fourth season of Made From Scratch will take place on July 28 on Fuse and Fuse+.


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