Watch: The NFL world is very worried about Joe Burrow


Joe Burrow had a hard time in Dallas.

The former No. 1 pick gets virtually no protection from his offensive line, and the Bengals offense just can’t get anything done for two quarters.

Cincinnati’s lack of blocking has definitely made fans worried about Burrow, who has been sacked 11 times in the last six quarters.

“Joe Burrow with his new offensive line,” tweeted Pardon My Take.

“[Joe Barrow] and his offensive line every snap,” Kofi said.

“The Bengals offense is in complete decline,” tweeted Benjamin Solak of The Ringer. “Managing pockets in holes is ah, not the magic that was last year. No schematic answers on how to remove teeth from the pass rush. The new line regularly misunderstands. There is no easy way out of this mess either. ”

“Joe Burrow took too many sacks last year, so the Bengals changed their offensive line. As a result… Joe Burrow is still taking too many sacks,” said Michael David Smith. “At some point we have to accept that this is Joe Burrow’s problem, not the Bengals offensive line problem.”

Burrow and the Bengals lose 17-3 to the Cowboys under Cooper Rush by half.


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