Watch: The NFL world is amazed by Malik Willis’ Throw today


Titans rookie Malik Willis shone in Tennessee’s preseason finale.

Liberty, selected in the third round, continued to show his improvement, keeping the offense on schedule and making some bright plays in the process. One of them was this ridiculous throw past the approaching pass-rusher.

The personal income tax world liked it.

“He should be a Styler,” one user replied.

“For some reason tonight I haven’t seen/heard a ton of slander against Malik Willis…” said another.

“Release Ryan [Tannehill] immediately,” the Titans fan wrote.

“QB1 Tannehill dies by week 7,” another fan commented.

“Malik Willis should be good. I can’t believe he lost so much in the draft…”

Willis also flew for a 50-yard scramble in the Titans’ 26-23 victory.


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