Watch, the new Pinterest tab inspired by TikTok


Pinterest: Photo apps are struggling to attract users and differentiate themselves from each other. But it is a fact that when one thing works in an application they all try to do a similar function, if not the same, in order to rival the most popular functions. And this is what is happening now on Pinterest with the soon-to-launch Watch feature.

Whatch, this is the version of TikTok made on Pinterest

It is a fact that video is a very attractive format on the Internet. Most users will choose to find what they are looking for in visual format and explained by voice if it can be. This is not to mention that the creation of audiovisual content content increasingly has products of a much shorter duration than 60 seconds on more than one occasion.

On Pinterest they are logically evolving towards the purest audiovisual format. Of the very photographic functions it has, we now have the Idea Pins which are short videos that in many cases are perfect for explaining procedures to make some crafts or simple recipes that you can learn in a short period of time. But this feature has gotten a bit off the hook, so far.

And it is that Pinterest is already testing a new function called Watch, where you will find all the short videos that are uploaded to the social network. From what can be seen in the image, it works in the same way as TikTok, and that is that it will have two tabs from which to choose to browse or look to find one that helps you in what you are looking for or inspires you. As we have already told you, the format of these videos is vertical, so to go from one to another you will have to slide the screen up or down.


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