Watch: the golf world reacts to the “putt of the year”


Tim Petrovic lost what could well have been the blow of the year in the third round of the U.S. Adult Open on the weekend.

The American golfer was able to bounce off a string of carts with a miraculous putt that went several feet past the hole before changing course and saving par.

The golf world reacted to the blow in the style of “Happy Gilmore” on social media.

“Dirt,” one user replied.

“Wowza putt,” commented Brian Koziol of WGR.

— How ridiculous is this? Andy Stevenson asked rhetorically.

“What a blow!!” tweeted Rahul Velde. “I wonder why he tried this instead of the usual one.”

“Did it go in? I mean, I saw it rise, did it come back? Good.” “Happy Gilmore.”

“When I first saw that punch, I thought, ‘What the hell did Petrovich just do?'” said one fan. “Then the last part of the sequence happened.”

“Excuse me?” another asked.

Petrovich is currently sitting 2 more than on the last day.