Watch the full musical number from the movie “Bob’s Burgers” before the streaming release on July 12


No matter how uncertain things have been lately, when tons of hate and toxicity are flying around, it helps to have a happy place to return to. For many, this happy place is an endlessly hilarious but strangely mundane animated series known as “Bob’s Burgers.” Now that a full-fledged movie will soon appear on streaming services, there will be another access point to the country of the perfect escape from reality.

The endlessly quoted movie “Bob’s Burgers” has already charmed viewers since its release in May, and a significant part of this response may be due to the musical nature of the film. Despite the fact that in the usual series “Bob’s Burgers”, it seems to like adding one or two songs to any episode, the feature film has moved a few steps forward, and not only turned it into a full-fledged musical.

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Ahead of the upcoming streaming release of the film, those in charge invited viewers to watch the full musical number on YouTube before seeing the full production. Fans, both passionate and casual, will definitely appreciate how much this little sample really looks and feels like the Bob’s Burgers they already know and love. But it also quickly becomes apparent that the cost of producing the movie “Bob’s Burgers” has increased significantly.

Animation is immediately clear, as a rather subtle difference between a TV series and a movie. Although the show, as a rule, uses well-made animation, it looks clearly rigid compared to the movements observed even in everyday situations during a musical number. In fact, a lot of this looks almost like rotoscoping, which is essentially a precomputer style of manual motion capture. Tina, craving Jimmy Jr. during a typical sidewalk walk, has never looked so fluid.

Like The Simpsons movie before it, the Bob’s Burgers movie seems to adhere to the position that you don’t need to change anything to switch from a small screen to a much larger one. All he needs is a little polish, a little animation work, and more music. Whether this is enough is subjective, but it seems that he has captured his target audience.

For those who could not watch the movie “Bob’s Burgers” in cinemas or decided not to watch it for security reasons, this short overview is a great opportunity to try what is in the store. Fortunately, there’s not much time left before everyone can watch it from the comfort of their own home, or at least in a very tolerant public toilet.

The movie “Bob’s Burgers” will be released on Hulu and HBO Max on July 12.