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Up to three Spanish clubs were among the teams that played the final stages for the Champions League after the resumption of the event during the pandemic. And now there are none left: Real Madrid said ‘goodbye’ in the Round of 16 against Manchester City. Atlético de Madrid fell in the Quarter-Finals, and Barcelona the same in a certainly historic match like the one that took place last weekend, because that tremendous 8-2 score in favor of Bayern Munich is already the history of the Champions forever.

But the competition continues ahead, and this week the two semifinals will be played from which the 2 finalist teams will come out to play the Champions League cup. Today they will play the surprising Leipzig of Nagelsmann, who is faced with a historic opportunity: to reach his first Champions League final. Same goal as the almighty PSG, which despite its significant investment has not yet achieved the coveted continental trophy.

Through Movistar +

If you are subscribed to Movistar + and you are not at home, you can always watch the matches of these days through the operator’s official app, which allows you to view its content on demand and live on your mobile and tablet. Just download the application, enter your start data and immediately you will have access to the games, also with Aura, an assistant that you can use with voice or text commands to consult the programming, see new content or tune in to a channel.

The application allows things like watching the matches from the beginning even if you have arrived late, controlling the live broadcast; start watching the game at home and continue on your mobile if you have to go out, or vice versa. If you watch it on TV, the RB Leipzig – PSG match will be broadcast on Dial 50. Here is the app on Android and iOS so that you can access the match if you are not at home.

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By Orange and mitelePLUS

Being broadcast by Movistar LaLiga, it means that you can also watch the match on other services that have the same channel, such as OrangeTV (on dial 114) or Mediaset’s mitelePLUS.


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